Summer Scrap Quilt – fini!

Here she is (quilt top anyway – quilting comes later)..











I finally figured out the write configuration for myself and got to work.


Checked off my rows as I went and tried to keep everything in order.  Sewed each row together and stopped at 4 rows.  Then I sewed row 1 to row 2 and row 3 to row 4.  Then I sewed unit 1 to unit 2.  Then I did the next four rows.  IMG_0124

When sewing the rows together, I nested my seams and pinned everything together so it would be correct.  Not all of it is correct and my seams are off in a lot of places but it’s a scrap quilt and I can live with it.

Now the big BIG project is quilting.  I keep acquiring quilt tops and not finishing them.  I am going to put away piecing for a while and quilt my tops.  I will hand appliqué when I am not quilting but I need to start quilting some of these tops!  I am happy with the outcome of this and I am grateful for the inspiration at