Summer Scrap Quilt, part 2..

Moving forward with my summer scrap project has been a bit challenging lately because my work schedule has been pretty overloaded.  Regardless, sewing must continue!  Here we go…


Here are the remaining two sizes of the blocks needed for the squares.

So here is a picture that shows how to set up the other two squares.  Align the squares at the bottom right corner and sew corner to corner.  I marked my squares so that I could sew on a straight line.  You can see the line if you look hard enough.  Here’s another:


You can see my sew line here. It is marked.

Here is my favorite part – chain sewing!  Assembly line the pieces to make a line of flags.


Quick tip: when sewing corners, start sewing on a piece of scrap so that your machine is moving and you can feed the pieces in. It helps to prevent munching the corners off at the start!

And then you get long lines of sewn together pieces!


Sew cute!


I don’t know why I like when they are all sewn together but I do.











Now it’s time for cutting.  Cut a seam allowance of 1/4 inch from the sew line


Line the ruler up 1/4 inch from the sew line and cut.












After doing that with both sizes of triangles we head to the ironing board.  Press the seam allowance to the darker side.


clip off the doggy ears!



Save these for a rainy day project. If you have time, zip them through the sewing machi

I forgot to mention something.  After cutting off the corners of the two triangles, I save those for a rainy day.  I keep them together and sew them and make a whole bunch of half square triangles for some other project.


What a pile!











Don’t forget to start with a scrap fabric before running these through – you don’t want munched corners.


Squeee!!! Little flags!











Ok, now iron those and put them aside.  They really are sew cute.


These are tiny!

Now to figure out placement of the triangles.  This is the hard part for me.  I keep redoing arrangements on graph paper and they are not coming out right.  I know what it is supposed to look like in my head but I have yet to get it right on paper.


still working this part out.

That’s what I have so far.  Plus a whole lot of other coloring combos that I have not posted here.  Any suggestions on how to set up these squares?  All comments appreciated!