About Me

I started a blog to process thoughts and ideas about fabric and quilting.  I love fabric and quilting…probably to an unhealthy level.  I started quilting while in college and quickly fell into the obsessive “I LOVE THIS” phase of my life.  I am still in that phase.  It’s safe to say it probably isn’t a phase at this point, lol.

My mom started quilting while I was in high school.  She used to say “I’m making heirlooms” which still makes me laugh when I look at those heirlooms.  I started to quilt by working on her projects.  She would take a class, I would watch her and then when she wasn’t looking, I would sit down at her machine and figure it out for myself.  I love the way fabric feels when it is pieced together.  All those cuts and seams mixed together to create something wonderful is sheer joy for me.  I took up quilting on my own after that and haven’t stopped since.  I have taken a few classes here and there but mostly I just taught myself with what I could find.  There aren’t a lot of quilting stores near me so my resources were limited.  Now I have unlimited resources available to me through the internet!

I wanted to blog about all things quilting to connect with the quilting community.  Wherever I travel to, I look for quilting stores.  When I meet new people, I pry a little bit to find out if they too are a secret fabric whore like me.  I look forward to talking to people and reporting on things I find.  I also look forward to sharing my projects, mishaps (of which there is no shortage), and adventures.  Take a look around and join me!