Summer Scrap Project

July 18, 2016

I know that I vowed to not start any new projects until I finished all of my unfinished ones but I am weak.  I did not go out and buy new fabric or new quilt patterns so I consider that a win.  I was getting tired of some of my projects and needed a break.

In an effort to challenge myself and give myself a little variety, I went to my scrap stash.  This may not seem like much but let me explain.  I have a fabric problem.  I can’t part with it.  I keep little bits of fabric from projects, just in case.  Just in case what, I am not totally sure.  Its almost as if I could save the universe by having that one special scrap piece to complete the quilt of the gods.  I just hate waste!  Waste not, want not.  (This phrase does not totally apply here because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more fabric?)  Anywho, I have a large and very eclectic array of scraps.  I figure I might use some in appliqué projects someday, or something like that anyway.

Back to my summer challenge… I hit the scrap stash and dug around for anything that might have common tones or patterns.  I discovered that I have a large stash of white scraps.  White on whites and plain whites. Perfect!  I have some themed fabric and some whites so I know that there is a quilt in there somewhere.  I didn’t want anything too complicated.  I have been spending so much time lately on appliqué techniques that an easier pieced quilt seemed like a good idea.

Ever travel around Pinterest for ideas?  I envy those people so much.  Have you seen this stuff?  It’s amazing!  I saw scrap quilts that blew my mind.  If you ever want to inspire yourself, Pinterest is great.  It is also great for lowering your confidence and self esteem because you come away from it thinking, “Oh my God!  I am crap!  There is no way I could come up with any of that stuff.”  If you are not easily knocked off track from the Pinterest crowd, you will find yourself surrounded in great ideas.  It’s worth it.  I spend a lot of time there looking around.  If you ever want to crack yourself up, look up Pinterest fails on google and see people’s before and after pictures of their projects.  It makes you realize you aren’t the only non-Martha Stewart out there and you will laugh until you can’t breathe.

I also peruse blogs and websites for ideas.  I found a perfect idea to work with on  They have a beautiful quilt made with designer fabrics but I liked the style so I adapted it to use my scrap fabric.  Check this out:  It’s beautiful.  I LOVE purlsoho.  They have sewing, knitting, crocheting, crafting, etc.  If I am ever in New York, it is on my list of places to visit.  Check out their site for ideas and amazing fabrics and yarns.  Their people are super nice on the phone too.

I will be posting pictures soon of this project as I go.  I have already made mistakes but I allot for those so I am okay with them.  Quilting is fun and I won’t allow myself to stress about the mistakes.  It takes the fun away.

One really wonderful thing that I have noticed as I meander through this project is how much I love scrap work.  For one, it is challenging and I like a challenge.  However, my favorite part has been the trip through memory lane as I add fabrics to this quilt.  I have fabrics from a quilt I made my late husband in there.  I have fabrics from a quilt that I made with my mom in there.  I have fabrics from one of my first quilting projects in there.  Its a nice collection.  I am looking forward to cuddling under this quilt on the couch and being wrapped in all those memories.  That is my favorite part of this scrap quilt.  The scraps are actually scraps of my life all sewn in together.  How could you not love something like that?

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