Inspiration and Appreciation

June 6, 2016

Have you every seen a quilt designed by Sue Garman?  If you haven’t, I suggest you do.  They are some of the most extraordinary quilts I have ever seen.  I bumped into one of her quilt designs “Ladies of the Sea” a few years ago and have been in awe ever since.  I have only begun working with appliqué and part of the reason I do is because of Sue Garman.

The first time I saw one of her quilts I thought to myself “Oh my God!  It would take a lifetime to make that and I am not talented enough to even attempt it.”  Intimidated is a serious understatement here.  Her quilt was a block of the month quilt and I laughed in my brain because clearly this was some cruel joke being played on me by the universe.  No ordinary quilter could tackle this feat!  Block of the Month?  I don’t think so.  Not in my lifetime anyway.  And even though I dismissed her work as so far out of my league, I secretly put the “Ladies of the Sea” quilt on my bucket list.  I cyber spy on it from time to time.  I casually fall on her website to view her work.  The grown up in me says “Sure.  Someday I will do that.”  The novice quilter in me says “No Way.”  I always believe I am a novice quilter.  I am learning new things all the time so I believe that makes me a novice.  I am okay with it.

While perusing her website and blog, I have taken to reading up on her work and her tips.  She says that all of her quilts can be done one piece at a time.  Imagine that?  How simple.  One piece at a time…  “Hmmm”, I thought.  “I wonder”, I thought.  I chewed on this for a long time and that phrase dances in and out of my head when I look at complicated work.  One piece at a time.  This little wisdom has propelled me towards working on appliqué quilts.  I love it!  I truly do.  I never, ever thought I would be able to make one but I am making several of them right now.  (I have a problem of too many tasks at once.  I am working on it.)  I approach them with that simple phrase “one piece at a time”.  It has given me courage to step out of my comfort zone and into new territory.  Boldly going where I have not gone before (I am a sci-fi geek).  My plan is to purchase “Ladies of the Sea” this year and begin working on it.  I can do it – I know I can.  I just have to slow down and take it one piece at a time.

Not too long ago, I learned from Sue Garman’s blog that she is living with cancer.   Terminal cancer.  I cried.  I have never met this woman and probably never will but she has had such a profound impact on me and my quilting that I was totally overcome with grief for her and her family.  What a burden to live with.  I am grateful to Sue Garman for her unbelievable work and her simple wisdom that has changed how I look at my quilting world.  I truly wish her and her family peace during this time in their life.  Please go and view her work.  Be awed and inspired by it.  It is truly amazing!  Thank you Sue Garman!

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