Not your grandmother’s quilt…

June 4, 2016

I remember when I was in my early 20s (which wasn’t really that long ago) talking to some co-workers of mine.  I am a teacher and after a long weekend, one of them asked me what I did over the weekend.  To which I replied,  “I finished a quilt.”.  Anyone who has achieved this task understands that there is a strong feeling of accomplishment and pride in that statement.  I delivered the line in the same way that I would have stated “I climbed Mount Everest!”  or “I went shark diving without a cage.”.  I was expecting to be met with the astonishment that goes with such a task.  Something like, “Wow!  In one weekend?  That is quite a feat!”  or “Impressive!  I didn’t know that you were a sewing genius!”.  I was not awarded such sentiment.  Instead, I got “Like my grandmother?” followed by chuckles and snorts.  Sigh…

Little did they know that they were in the presence of a creative genius.  Clearly they were seeing me sitting in a lonely chair, in dim lighting, surrounded by cats.  HA!  Not this girl!  I was a 20 something quilter!  I was young, vibrant, creative!  I did not even own cats (which are lovely, btw and I would if my whole family weren’t allergic)!  That was a while ago and I have often thought about that line “like my grandmother?”.  No,  not like your grandmother.  Well, unless she was a rocking hipster quilter in which case, yes I suppose.

I have had trouble connecting with people in my age group that quilt.  It really isn’t that common – or at least it isn’t that common around here.  The older I get the more I find people who are falling into quilting.  I am still young though and the internet has introduced me to many people who are out there challenging the quilter stereotype.  That’s why I decided to write a blog about it.  I want to meet more people who are quilting – not like their grandmothers.  You know, neither of my grandmothers ever quilted!  I think if they did, I would have loved to learn what they could have taught me and maybe then I could have said, “Yes!  Like my grandmother!”.

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