Bloggin’ for some me time

November 15, 2017

Bloggin’ for some me time…

I am not even going to do the whole “sorry I haven’t posted in a while” speech.  I have just been busy, working, away, etc, etc, etc.  I started venturing past my quilting and into the world of garment making.  I have also been just playing with my machines (hello embroidery machine 😉 ) to see what I can create and have fun with.  I just haven’t been writing or logging my work.  And today, when my life took a hitter I thought, well, time to get back to my blog and have some fun.  The good thing about a blog is that it keeps you a bit focused on what you want to work on.  Admittedly I am spend my free time in very few ways – sewing (obviously), crafting, reading, family stuff, and video gaming.  I am a gamer – and a pretty big one too.  In fact, Happyberry is my main character’s name and it has stuck with me over the years.

Today was a good day.  Work was good – no major catastrophes, and then i came  outside to my car to head home and my car was dead.  Yup – good and dead.  Heavy sigh….  Ah well, what can you do?  My friend was there and drove me home.  I called my mechanic (and fretted about the cost), renewed my AAA membership, and waited.  My mom and her boyfriend came over to help me jump start the car and I drove it down to my mechanic.  He was pretty certain it was a battery thing and nothing too bid.  Fingers crossed.

Which brings my back to my blog.  I paid for this access and site and have some time to play with it.  I might as well do it.  I like talking to people and finding out what the are making and doing.  I have a bizarre sense of humor and use sarcasm as a second language.  I also like to post my work and point out all of the problems and mistakes.  I believe that is what I am really good at.  I can look at my work and ONLY see the mistakes so I just make it easy for others by telling them upfront about what will disappoint them.  Just kidding!  I have gotten much better at not pointing out all of the problems and actually, have reached a more therapeutic perspective about the whole thing.  Mistakes are learning points.  I used to fear making mistakes but now I am okay with them – because I will know what to do different next time.  In other words, or in the immortal words of Bob Ross, “There are no such things as mistakes.  Just happy accidents.”

Though I originally wanted this blog for quilting alone, I have spread out my love of things sewn to include garments and other projects.  I will be posting about all of that too.  I love it.  I made a shirt last week (totally botched the sleeves, too) but I love it!  I make it and I love it!  I can’t wait to wear it.  I will post about it.  I started the process of another shirt too.  The world is full of endless shirt making possibilities!  Who knew of this vast creative expanse?!  I will write about all projects now, not just quilting ones.  And sometimes I will just vent about my happy little life.  Basically, it is all therapy.  Sewing, Quilting, and Crafting…Just blogging about it for some me time.

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