Quilt Shop Visit!

July 27, 2016

I had the opportunity to visit a new quilting / sewing store last week and I wanted to share.  I always try to find new stores and places to visit.  I figured I could share a little bit about them as I go.  Am I the only one who does this?  Every time I travel, I look for the quilting and sewing stores in the area.  I have also started scoping out the yarn and fiber stores because I just learned to knit recently.  I am a terrible knitter but I am learning!

Anywho, I was in Cambridge, Massachusetts recently and stopped into a store called “Gather Here”.  What a delightful store!  It was a very hot day and I was greeted happily by the clerk who offered me refuge from the heat and cold water.  I felt comfortable immediately!  It is so spacious and inviting!  They sell fabric, yarn, patterns, notions, and Bernina machines (which I don’t have but someday I will grow up and buy one).  There was a class finishing up at the back of the store and it was great!  There were girls finishing up quilts with their moms.  Super fun and nice to see the younger crowd quilting.

I poked around and took stock of what was in there.  They had lots of modern style patterns and a beautiful color wheel quilt on the wall.  They had these beautiful whole cloth quilt patterns that were maps of cities!  What an awesome idea!  Check this company out: http://www.hapticlab.com/collections/cityquilts.  I also bought some beautiful needles in this cool wooden tube.  They had an extensive collection of Kona solids which were beautiful and made me want to buy a whole bunch and delve into a new modern quilt.  I resisted though.  🙁

If you are in Cambridge, please stop into this store.  It was bright, fun, and beautiful.  The staff were wonderful and the atmosphere is one of artistic creativity.  I would really like to take a class there sometime.  It is definitely worth the drop in.  Here is there website: http://www.gatherhereonline.com/index.  Has anyone else been there?


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